Buyer Personas, Journeys and Content.

Want to improve your bottom line?
Get to know your customers and create a better user experience.
It’s all about the journey!

Buyer Personas, Journey & Content!

Understanding your customers and gaining insight into their buying behaviour will help you create a better customer experience, ultimately improving your bottom line!

To do this you need to understand your business objectives, profile your customers, and develop a content strategy that meet the needs of your target audience.

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How it works?

We can work with support hours (we sell these in packs of 20hrs) and draw from these when ever you need us OR we can work on-site 1 day per week, month (or how ever often you need us) and work with your team on ways to improve your CRM, data and processes to make you even more successful.

We work with 2 levels and pricing of Admin Tasks. Level 1: the basic admin stuff. Level 2: SFDC Consultancy and advanced administrative tasks.


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